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We develop, source, manufacture and distribute a wide range of products in both our partners’ private labels and in our won brands.

Our Brands

Our brands simplify your life. They seal your boxes on moving day. They safeguard your valuables in transit. They are the tools that help your little one create their precious works of art and let you store it for years.

Seal It

SEAL-IT® is our flagship brand for glues, tapes and shipping supplies. You can find SEAL-IT® products, from double-sided to strapping tape on retailer shelves around the globe. Just look out for the yellow and blue packaging.

Earth Hugger is our eco-friendly line of mailing, shipping, and office supplies. It’s an integral part of our strategy of operating sustainably and making greener choices more accessible for all.

The One-Arm Bandit Tape Gun allows you to seal any box with one hand while you carry your coffee or burrito in the other. It’s so great, the One-Arm Bandit is the third most sold packaging tape dispenser in the United States.

Our Products

We keep developing and innovating to offer a wide range of products that help our customers meet their goals.
We leverage our global partners, proprietary technologies and supply chain expertise to produce the highest quality yet affordable products in our industry.


Transparent tape
Invisible tape
2 Side It tape
Giftwrap It tape
Sticky notes
Mounting products (hooks, clips)


Duct tape
Masking tape
Painter’s tape
Strapping tape
Electrical tape
Mounting products (hooks, clips)

Mailing and Shipping

Packaging, shipping & mailing tape
Mailing boxes
Bubble cushion
Paper packaging products
Mailing tubes

Moving and Storage

Moving & storage tape
Moving boxes
Bubble cushion
Moving kits

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About Conros

Our mission is to develop inspiring creative solutions to make lives easier. Everything we offer, from shipping supplies to stationery to customized packaging, is built with that belief in mind.

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